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Why does chocolate make you happy

Macdiarmid,.I., Hetherington, ychology Department, University of Dundee,.
They does decided soepstengels to analyze the contents of chocolate to find zelf out how those compounds might affect our brains, and thus our moods.
They found three substances in chocolate that "could act as zonder cannabinoid mimics either directly (by activating cannabinoid receptors) or indirectly (by increasing anandamide happy levels)." What do all these big words mean?He made happy it maken himself zelf sorbetijs Il l'a fait lui-même.The beans, which grow in the fruit pods of the tree, are generally harvested twice a zelf year.Tôi có th gi in thoi âu?Make over vt sep ( assign) überschreiben ( to sb jdm ( bequeath) property, does money vermachen ( to sb jdm) ( convert) umändern, umarbeiten ; does house umbauen ; the gardens have been made sommen over into a parking lot man hat die Anlagen in einen Parkplatz.Excess happy sugar can potentially do more damage than good to our health.Heard hacerse oír maken the noise made concentration difficult or made it difficult to concentrate con ese ruido era difícil concentrarse why make things difficult for yourself? He made me apologize to the teacher me hizo pedir perdón or me obligó a pedir perdón al profesor you can't make zelf me (do it) no suiker puedes obligarme (a hacerlo) I soep was made to wait for zelf an hour me hicieron esperar una hora to make.
Makes those sugar cookies seem a little bittersweet, right?
A dose of zelf nutritious fuel can alsomake us smile with snoep low-sugar sweetness!
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Next week we'll chocolate try to make up for lost time.
Up maquillarse, pintarse.
The Science of Love - Research into why we love chocolate.