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How to make your own bubble tea

You can make your bubble own favorite version your at home once you bubble master the basic recipe.
Step statief 2: zelf Blend Ingredients Combine fruit, honey, milk, and ice make in your a blender or a cocktail shaker.You can even add pieces of jelly.Add flair to your boba tea by garnishing kleding with a slice of lemon.When you want to use them, boil a cup your of water and put the tapioca pearls in it for a few minutes zelf to warm them.Click here make to share bank your story. And while we cant bubble taste it, we would love to maken see how zelf it turned out!
Bubble tea is a staple of most tea shops these days.Step 2: Add Tea and maken Milk.Rinse tapioca under cool water and drain.Course: Beverage, cuisine: Chinese, zelf keyword: bubble tea, appliance: Refrigerator, Hot plate.The tea needs to maken be cold for boba tea, so either you can bubble prepare it before time or you can chill.3, add the pearls and stir them to make maken sure they don't stick to the bottom.Ingredients: Directions: Put ice and milk in stamboom a blender and blend until smooth.This variety is thicker and more luxurious when it comes to flavor and texture.Upload error Awesome picture!(can do 16 cups of white sugar but will be a bit sweeter).Once the pearls are cooked, separate the ones you want to use stamboom immediately from the ones you want to store for later.5, maken now they're ready to serve.You can substitute sago for tapioca, but without either ingredient, you will have regular milk tea, not bubble tea.HOW maken TO make bubble TEA using flavored powder.

You'll also need a wide straw that can accommodate the tapioca pearls when drinking.
Use 1 tea bag for standard strength boba tea or bubble opt for 2 tea bags for a stronger flavor.
Add 8 cups of brown sugar and 8 cups of white sugar.